ACE Startup Acceleration Program - ASAP

The ACE Startup Acceleration Program (ASAP) is a pioneering initiative to empower women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia by addressing their unique challenges and providing essential support for growth. ASAP targets growth-stage startups and offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including access to a professional working space, specialized training, valuable networking opportunities, and a platform for pitching to potential investors. The program’s holistic approach ensures that women entrepreneurs receive the guidance and tools necessary to enhance their business skills, increase visibility, and secure financial opportunities.

ASAP’s core objective is to serve as a transformative catalyst for women-owned startups, enabling them to flourish as influential businesses that drive economic growth and create a positive societal impact. Through ASAP, women-led businesses can overcome barriers, scale effectively, and contribute significantly to the development of Ethiopia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ACE Advisors has developed guides structured around six pillars highlighting key starting points for essential business management. These actionable resources provide crucial insights, offering practical advice and tools for startup founders. The guides are designed to make foundational business knowledge accessible, providing a practical starting point for founders to learn and implement effective strategies as they navigate the business landscape.

Would you like to join the ASAP and take part in this exciting opportunity? Please register by filling out the form provided in the link below.

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