Project Title: Ethiopia Local Partner Landscape Analysis

Description: With the intention of laying the groundwork for partnership diversification and strengthening capacity of local key actors in Ethiopia, a nation-wide survey and assessment was conducted. A total of ~1000 stakeholders identified and catalogued to create a partner database (directory) outlining key areas strengths weakness and engagement opportunities. This assessment presented findings for consideration in the design of partners diversification and engagement strategy.

Service Offering:
Strategy Design, Stakeholder Mapping

Project Title: FP and MNCH Advocacy Execution Plan in Ethiopia

Description: In supporting our partners to better understand and contextualize the health sector specifically Family Planning and Maternal Newborn Child Healthcare, our team conducted a national and sub-national level landscaping assessment of policy, funding, partners ecosystem and sector findings and generated evidence which led to the development of an advocacy and communication strategy.
Service Offering: Strategy Design, Stakeholder Mapping, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

Project Title: Mapping key research and innovation institutions in Ethiopia

Description:  In an effort to understand research capacity and capabilities in Africa and build a catalog of universities and institutions across the continent, our team was deployed to map key research and academic institutions within Ethiopia and conduct institutional level assessments.
Service Offering: Stakeholder Mapping, Organizational Development Services, Capacity Building Framework

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