Inefficient public service delivery

Quality of public services and the quality of the civil service remain key bottlenecks to public service delivery and growth. Ethiopia ranks 130 in the World Bank Government Effectiveness ranking

Responsive and effective governance

Make government policy and regulatory frameworks responsive to private sector needs and facilitate a conducive business environment for private sector development.

Unconducive environment for Private sector development

Ethiopia is ranked 159 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings. The Ethiopian Economy is highly dominated by public sector and SOE investments.

Unleashing private sector potentials

Enable FDI investment and local businesses to flourish and contribute to job creation and economic competitiveness. Incubate and support startups to grow.

Digitalization and climate change

Despite the recent efforts to capture the digital dividend and position Ethiopia as a leader in the green growth strategy, Ethiopia remains at the back of the line in terms of technology and  Digital Competitiveness Rankings and remains highly vulnerable to climate shocks.

Unleashing the potential of technology for sustainable development

Working with government and development partners to identify key investment priorities that can position Ethiopia at the forefront of the digital revolution to build a climate resilient green economy 

Gender and inclusion

Ethiopia has made significant progress in empowering women and advancing gender equality but a long way to go to ensure gender parity in all aspects of life. Ethiopia’s youthful population has few opportunities to thrive with an estimated nearly 30% unemployment.

Promote Equality through opportunity

Ensure the inclusion of gender and youth lenses in all we do to promote gender equality and inclusion. we aim to bring innovative solutions to bring more opportunities for young entrepreneurs/startups and youth employment  


To address these bottlenecks, impact lives and lead to growth, ACE Advisors frames its service offerings through three key pillars across sectors and projects

Investment Facilitation

Implementation Acceleration

Institutional Development

Impact Theme

At ACE Advisors, our work revolves around five main economic growth focused themes: Government Effectiveness, SME Acceleration, Gender Intentionality, financial inclusion, and Sustainable Investments. These themes guide our efforts to create a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable growth ecosystem that bridges public and private sector needs and fosters impactful investments.

Our Approach

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