ACE Advisors is a women-owned and led independent advisory firm that is dedicated to promote innovation for better development outcomes and social change.

ACE brings a strategic cross-domain perspective with deep expertise in driving public-sector delivery capabilities and private-sector development by partnering with government, private-sector, and development partners.

By cultivating trust-based partnerships ACE envision to Unlock Potentials and Transform Lives through Research, Innovation, Advisory, and Implementation.


To bridge the gap in public sector delivery capabilities and private sector demand through innovative and strategic solutions


Becoming the preferred partner to government, private sector and development partners as a change catalyst to transform investments and impact lives


Promote Equality & inclusion
Impact Orientation

our pillars

Investment Facilitation

Enhancing and impacting Ethiopia’s investment ecosystem through a holistic approach by identifying, attracting and retaining quality investments by local and foreign investors.

Implementation Acceleration

Development of bespoke initiatives to enable partners in harnessing communities potential and bringing about sustainable social changes through strategic programs and flagship projects.

Institution Development

Targeting development of institutional capacity and human capital aimed at improving service delivery of public institutions and efficiency of the private sector for better outcomes and creating opportunities for citizens.

Latest insights


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